May 1, 2021

12 Years of Olive – This is Our New Moment

by Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg

Twelve is a magical number. In numerology it means completion.

It can also symbolize cosmic order, meaning 12 calendar months, 12 hour increments in a day, 12 different zodiac symbols, and so many more things. In researching this, I learned many different interpretations, but mostly that in order to start something new, you must let go of something too, which can be the first important step.

As we make our way through this pandemic, making it to our 12th anniversary feels important and significant.

When I contemplate the future, I often find myself acknowledging that things won’t be the same and that everything up until now is complete and we must first let go of that attachment in order to start something fresh. I keep exploring new ideas and new ways of doing things. For example, how we market to our consumers will look different going forward because people have changed – the world has changed.

How we strategize our campaigns will be in alignment with those changes.

It’s too early to know what things will stick. It’s a bit of a moving target with people changing, tools changing, and new technology surfacing. I always like to start with my ultimate vision and build backwards from there. So, as I reflect on thriving through our 12th anniversary, I celebrate a vision to align with the most positively powerful people and brands to help them amplify their voices because what the world needs now is goodness and positivity.

What I absolutely know to be true is that when you align creativity and strategy with great products and services, you get magnificent results.

So yes, I am complete with the old ways of doing things and I’m ready to discover the new path forward. Let’s raise our chins, take a deep breath, and feel the gratitude radiate from our hearts because right now is our new moment.


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