December 23, 2020

2020, What a Year!

What a year! As we round out what is arguably one of the worst years in history, my heart and mind remain focused on some of the positives that came from it.

Never before this year, did I ever feel so close to my team. Somehow even though we could not be physically together, technology allowed us to connect regularly. We shared deeper dialogue and checked in with one another, we celebrated some of the smaller wins in addition to the bigger ones and most importantly, we made it. We got through it and we are stronger because of it. Isn’t that the strangest thing about the hard times, they build character and give us new tools to take forward.

Here are some of 2020’s brightest moments:

1. Despite the immediate loss of business back in March, we rebounded to full health. We signed great new accounts that filled up our inspiration and our time. Because of that we were able to hire and create new opportunities for some amazing people.
2. All of us found new ways to enjoy our down time. For me personally, I have relished in working from home and being able to see my children all throughout the day, keeping a closer eye on them, and grabbing some extra snuggles when I can.
3. We made big life moves. My family moved to Bainbridge Island, Washington. We now live in the forest on an island full of magic and wonder and Olive has a presence in the Pacific Northwest.
4. Joel got married to Kat.
5. Chelsea graduated from college and secured her first national media hit.
6. Rachel became our first Vice President.
7. Matthew got promoted to Account Executive after going beast mode on media relations and securing insane amounts of coverage.
8. We found Totyana our beloved intern who inspires us all.
9. Kim’s awesome teenage son got scouted for his amazing baseball skills and he is now committed to UCSB.
10. Madeline rejoined our team and launched so many awesome social media campaigns like Eat Sip Be in Redwood City.
11. We had the honor of helping our clients weather the storm of COVID.
12. We were able to work alongside Little Italy Association to create a magical virtual tree lighting to keep the spirit of the season strong.
13. We designed three new websites.

We could go on. As you think about 2020, I hope you are able to see the high points in between the hard times. They were there and they were bright. Wishing you the most magnificent holiday season and the best New Year!

Happy Holidays,