February 19, 2019

3 Simple Steps to Perfect the Personal Elevator Pitch

We’ve all been in a crowded elevator before, right? Maybe that’s how we get to work in the morning and we’re always surrounded by the same people. Or maybe we’re stepping into that elevator for the first time but wait… the three people you’ve always wanted to network with are in that elevator. You only have 60 seconds or less to make an impression. What do you say? With such a huge emphasis on personal branding comes the growing importance of personal pitching. Don’t freak out just yet though. The Olives have 3 simple tips for making a great first impression in a time sensitive situation:

Shake on it first (and last).

A strong start and finish with a handshake is a great way to establish an interaction. And what better way is there to show off your personal brand than with a branded business card listing your social media handles, website info, phone number and email? Be sure to send them a follow-up email saying how much you appreciate their time and that you would be delighted to continue the conversation.

Keep it short and tailored.

Remember you only have 60 seconds and time is running out fast! Be sure to explain who you are, what you do and maybe something you admire about their work. Knowing something about the other person and being able to compliment them may get your foot in the door and interested in you.

Just relax and be yourself.

This is your brand, so be true to it. Find the perfect balance between professionalism and allowing your authentic personality to shine through as a potential co-worker or business partner. This helps whoever you’re pitching to feel more comfortable around you and engaged in your message.

Ask yourself this: If you only had 60 seconds or less to make a first impression in front of someone you admire or want to work for, what would want them to know? What can you bring to the table that they haven’t already heard? Connect with us at info@olivecreativestrategies.com for more thoughts!