August 24, 2017

3 Things That Every Event Needs to Make a Splash

By: Lauren Spinelli

Okay, so what you are gonna need is a pool at least 12 feet deep, a bouncy diving board and…Kidding. But every successful event should at the very least be a good time, so this blog will be, too.

Anyone who embarks on planning an event wants it to be successful—plain and simple. Whether it’s the Golden Globes or Tim-Buck-Two’s 150th Annual Pie Baking Fair, there is always a primary goal, and a ton of questions—resulting in secondary goals—that come along with it. How many people do we need to attend? Is it ticketed or open to the public? What will guests get out of the experience? Will they leave satisfied?

In order to hit these goals, you not only need to meet expectations, but exceed them. An event becomes “annual” for a reason, because people love it and keep coming back. So, if you want your new event to hit the ground running or your annual event to “make a splash” this year, take a look at these three tips:

  1. Bring something unique from previous years – Last year’s event was a hit. Attendance was off the charts, influencers were buzzing and it was on the cover of the local paper. So why should everyone be talking about it next year? Why should the paper put it on the cover, again? “Wow” the loyal returners and the new, curious bunch with something on-brand that stands out from pervious years. Tease a new and unexpected element, leaving people curious to come see it for themselves. If your event is brand new, pack a punch that makes it stand out from everything else going on that day.
  2. Interactive elements – Social media is all about people showing off life experiences. Give influencers and attendees something worth posting! Whether it’s a photo opportunity or a full-blown interactive activity, find a way to get people on-site and Interactive elements are also sometimes that new feature differentiating the year-to-year event. Combine the activity to be your new feature and you have a cocktail for success.
  3. Wine and Beer Garden – Again, kidding.
  4. Lastly, find the story behind your event – Every event is more than just a party or gathering. There is usually a deeper meaning behind the people passionate enough to put it together or the people traveling far and wide to be a part of it. Find your event’s story to get the attention of the media and then amplify that message. People with similar passions will resonate with your story creating loyal, repeat attendees. After all, it’s what drives the event that is most important. Whether that be raising money for a good cause, banding people with similar interests together or introducing new ideas to an area – the passion will shine through.

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