February 10, 2016

5 Reasons Why Your Clients Are Just Like Your Significant Other (Minus the Lovey Dovey Stuff)

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I got to thinking about how the love of my life – my husband – is similar to my clients. No, babe, don’t worry, I’m not trading you in for Claire at CONNECT or Paul at GURU. But there are certain aspects of each of our relationships that are similar. I think you’ll know what I mean in a minute:

  1. You’d drop anything for them in an emergency.Whether it be a minor freak out from your special someone about a mistake they made at work or a client telling you that there’s a delay in product manufacturing and the press release is already out, you are there to ease their worries and make them feel like all is right again in the world. Whether it’s your honey or your client contact, you are there to respond ASAP and get to the bottom of whatever is giving them anxiety.
  2. You’re choice with your words.Let’s not be hasty – you have to really think about what you’re going to say when discussing something delicate. Your client is expecting a certain piece of coverage and the editor bumped it from the issue? Your husband or wife was counting on you to attend a work function with them but you accidentally double booked yourself and can no longer be their plus-one? You know how to break the news in the best way possible (and how to make up for it).
  3. You get as excited for their wins as you do your own.You know that feeling of being on top of the world? Imagine having that same feeling – and then some – when you know the one you love scored big time. If your client gets a top-tier media placement and you know it’s rocked their world, you feel so proud of them. Your sweetheart landed a big client at work? You are just as excited to break out the bubbly as they are.
  4. You have a shared vision for the future.In an agency/client relationship, from the first PR kickoff meeting you begin building your vision for the PR campaign. Maybe their PR dream is to be on the TODAY Show – you’re there to do the best job possible to make that a reality. Similarly, just when two people embark on the journey of  love, you work hard every single day as a united front to build your dream for the future together.
  5. You just want them to be happy.At the end of the day, if they’re happy, you’re happy. You know that saying, “Happy wife, happy life”? Well, the saying could also be “Happy client, happy (work) life.” There’s nothing better than knowing all is right in their world – and maybe you had a small part of that.

Sending you and your loved ones a happy day full of Hallmark™ cards, on-time flower deliveries and chocolate (whether you’re taken or single)!