December 20, 2016

5 Reasons I Love PR

By: Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg

Lately I find myself asking some pretty deep questions like what inspires me most about what I do, why I have chosen this path, and what fills me up. I’m huge on seeking ways to feel more inspired – there’s nothing better than happy tears from achieving something meaningful.

In my pursuit of self-discovery, I unearthed the top five reasons why I love public relations. Enjoy!

  • There is no greater way to authentically share a message you are passionate about than through public relations, and that’s a concept I’ve understood since I was six years old. I had the greatest pleasure of seeing Cyndi Lauper perform, and even though I didn’t quite understand the depth of her message, I saw her stand on a stage and validate the importance of self-respect and self-expression to the most eccentric group of people I had ever seen. I watched her use the power of her voice to inspire and motivate this crowd to make better choices and to live their best lives. That is exciting and that is public relations.
  • I thrive in creative promotions that move and inspire people. Being able to develop a movement that promotes good and elevates peoples’ lives is powerful. Showing people that they can be a part of something that is greater than themselves changes lives.
  • I love being at the core of a business’s success. Having the opportunity to illuminate someone’s greatness so that they can be seen and heard can make the greatest impact to their overall success. Seeing a media hit or news segment result in website traffic, sales, walk-ins and calls is truly fulfilling, and there is nothing quite like a massive media-hit-gone-viral to impact each of these simultaneously.
  • Public relations is a constantly-evolving experience and I have the pleasure of being part of a team that not only gets results but works to motivate and empower each other. I love seeing people band together to be amazing, and this career choice gives me the opportunity to inspire my team on the reg.
  • I am driven to do more because I know that public relations makes a difference. This stuff works. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing what I do matters.

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