July 11, 2017

6 Steps to Successful Niche Market Pitching

By: Lauren Spinelli

When it comes to media relations, the possibilities for coverage are endless. There are A LOT of websites, newspapers, TV shows, magazines on nearly every subject under the sun, which can make your work both exciting and overwhelming. However, throwing spaghetti at the wall to “see what sticks” is not strategic, and when it comes to the niche markets, you need to target your goals with hawk-like vision. Your dream media hits for a niche client may not be the LA Times, and your list of contacts will likely be brand new. Not to worry if you aren’t on an “I love you basis” with each niche trade publication. With the right tools you can make any market a media relations success. Here’s what you’ve got to do:

  1. Identify your story. What is it that you want people to know? In this very specific market, what differentiates your client? Find the story, the one no one else has, and it won’t matter if you’re pitching from Timbuktu.
  2. Make a media wish list. Aim for the stars right out of the gate. What do you have to lose? Take a big chance on your client and believe in their story – it just might pay off.
  3. Get hyper-focused, but also wildly general. Dig deep and research what this market is all about. Get a feel for what people in the industry are talking about, and get laser-focused on the conversations going on in this circle. But don’t be nervous of making (friendly) waves; be the disruptor that throws a new topic into the conversation.
  4. Keep your audience at the forefront of every conversation. You might have an urge to highlight everything that’s great about your client and all of their achievements, but remember who is listening. What does your audience actually want to hear? Remember that it isn’t about you; it’s about the people you’re trying to reach.
  5. Don’t be afraid to shape-shift. One day you’re a business expert, and the next you’re a lifestyle enthusiast. Don’t be afraid to change up your messaging if something isn’t working.
  6. Finally, evaluate what created the most impact. Which audiences reacted? What publications identified with your story? Hone in on the outlets that are a genuine fit and start from square one. Repeat these steps until you’ve mastered the market.

You don’t have to be an expert in a certain market to make a serious impact in it. You simply need an expert strategic approach to make any project a success! If you’re part of a niche market and would like help illuminating your greatness to the media, reach out at info@olivecreativestrategies.com.