September 8, 2017

90 Days of Olive

By: Cassie Kaawaloa

On my first day as an Account Coordinator, Jenn said to me, “It takes 90 days to adapt to a new agency – with experience. When you’re coming into an agency for the first time, it can sometimes take longer, but you’ll get there.”

As an intern-gone-Olive, I got a peek into the Olive culture and had the privilege of learning from the passionate, driven women on this team. Since starting here full-time, I’ve been empowered to work with clients that interest me and inspire me to embody our tagline, “Illuminate Greatness™.” In my first 90 days as an Olive, I’ve learned WAY beyond what words can describe (let me tell you), but the most important bit has been what exactly our tagline means to me.

See, here at Olive we’ve developed a culture around our tagline. We work with powerful people with powerful messages, because our best work comes from authentically believing in and standing with our clients. While working on my first account, The One Love Movement and their 6th Annual Charity Yoga Event here in San Diego, I was able to do just that. I am still infatuated with this organization’s dedication to helping underprivileged children locally in San Diego and abroad in Tanzania, India, and Ghana. It hit me the morning of the event, while attempting my own variation of Warrior 2 and struggling to keep up with the yogis around me, that all the planning and details of the day didn’t end here. The months spent planning and hours of volunteering that went into this event would feed the 19 children at the One Love Shelter in India, and support refugee children in San Diego. Every donation and selfless act supported The One Love Movement’s goal in helping children all over the world, and I was proud to have played any role in that mission.

It’s incredibly moving to stand by these powerful humans, working diligently to make a difference in the world and in our city. Whether it’s a charity yoga event or a community association, we know that our clients’ passion for their cause or brand goes way beyond the imaginable, and we stand behind their vision. We share your story so you don’t have to – we illuminate your greatness so that you can continue to do great things.