September 18, 2015

A Juggler of Many

By: Courtney Rose

If someone were to ask me what’s one thing I love about being a publicist at Olive PR Solutions, I would respond with something like, “My days are never the same…this job keeps me on my toes…there’s always something new going on.” With that being said, there are many occasions in which our job requires us to be more than just a publicist. And, guess what? We are happy to do more! Here are a few of the “side jobs” we take on to ensure that our clients look their best on camera and get what they need:.

  1. Photographer’s Assistant. When we are at a photoshoot and the photographer needs another light on or a shade up, we are there to assist with an extra hand. (I’ll admit that it’s not easy to drag us away from our computers, but when our hands are free, we are always happy to help out.) We are pros at video and photo shoots; we can find the angle that will get the signage in the shot, choose the best background and possibly even share some creative shot ideas!
  2. Costume Designer. Need some advice on what the best colors to wear on camera are? Glasses or no glasses? Button down or polo? Don’t worry—we can answer your wardrobe woes! We will always let you know how to look your best. Looking sharp on camera is important, but we also know that’s it just as important for you to feel good while your giving that perfect interview.
  3. Strike a Pose: A producer just asked for a dozen fitness models for tomorrow’s segment. Well, it looks like the Olive girls just became models overnight. We’ve had moments where we’ve had to stand in as models for the shot—you bet we will volunteer to be a shoe in (Kate Moss is one of our spirit animals).
  4. Personal Assistant: We will fill your calendar up with media interviews and TV segments, so in a way we are your personal planner! At Olive, we are always there for our clients when they have media opportunities to ensure things go smoothly and for moral support—you never have to worry about a thing. We always want to make the process as easy for you as possible, and that’s just what we are there for.

We aren’t just rock star publicists at Olive PR, we are masters at juggling plenty of talents! Our job keeps us on our toes and we love every second of it (and the other jobs that come with it!).