November 24, 2015

Aspiring Minds Series: Connect Your Brand with Millennials

When branding for new clients, our first tactic is always to determine the precise target audience. We recently acquired a client focusing on my demographic—the misunderstood millennial. In honor of being one of the youngest at our agency (and the release of Justin Bieber’s latest album) I thought I would provide a few tips on reaching millennials:

  1. Make some noise—encourage them to talk about you. We millennials tend to define ourselves by the products we use, what we drink, what we wear, etc. If we’re not talking about ourselves—we’re probably talking about the products we’re “literally obsessed with.” When we like something, we make sure everyone knows it! So let us be a part of the conversation and we’ll sell the product for you.
  2. Be our BFF—give them an active role in the relationship with your brand. If marketers want to reach millennials they first need to understand them. That means tailoring strategies and tactics to their wants and needs. Millennials want to feel connected and involved when it comes to their brands with more customer-driven, personalized marketing.
  3. Call us, beep us, if you want to reach us. If you aren’t thinking mobile first to reach millennials, you won’t be successful. We are glued to our cellphones more than any other platform. We love spontaneous, unique experiences we can share with our friends. While a solid social media strategy should not be your entire marketing plan, it should be a part of it since it’s so mobile based.
  4. Be real, homie. Millennials are not easily fooled by marketing ploys—making an authentic relationship is vital. Creating transparency in marketing and branding efforts will lead to customer loyalty in the long run and spread positive, genuine word-of-mouth.
  5. Stand for something. Most millennials are actually very civic-minded and group-oriented, so they are always searching “for a purpose.” In a world full of choices, we want to have some control in what we support—aligning with causes that effect change and reflect with our personal values can play a huge role.
  6. Stop trying to act cool. Brands tend to become obsessed with being “cool” by trying to use slang and the latest pop-culture references. Take a step away from culture trends and find where your brand fits in naturally. Build a strong brand and find your voice, messaging, and impact and the kids will be sure to follow.