March 29, 2016

Aspiring Minds Series: From Intern to Olive

By: Hannah Rolak

Not too long ago in a college internship class, one of my assignments was to list companies where I’d love to work after graduation. Dreaming of my public relations aspirations, I jotted down “Olive PR Solutions” as one of my top choices. Three months later, here I am as an account coordinator at Olive, one of the best national boutique agencies around (in my humble opinion!).

Not to get all Law of Attraction on you, but I really believe if you think and believe in something, you can manifest your greatest dreams. We are strong believers in this at Olive, and visualizing what success looks like for our clients is always the first step.

When I envisioned my career success, I could never have imagined making the jump from intern to AC so quickly. I feel #blessed for the opportunity to spend every day working alongside a team of intelligent, savvy women. Here’s what I’ve learned so far in the fast transition into becoming a full-time Olive:

  1. Crazy new ideas are welcomed. Here at Olive we have a culture of innovation. Whether you’re a beginning account coordinator or senior account executive, everyone is encouraged to speak up with fresh ideas. It’s exciting to be able to bounce off each other’s ingenuity. Olive has been the perfect place to jumpstart my career and let my creativity flourish.
  2. Every piece matters. One of the cool things about becoming an account coordinator is you really get a “big picture” idea of how each person’s role contributes to the agency; sometimes you don’t get this insight as much as an intern, since odds are you’re only part-time. Everything connects, and even seemingly trivial tasks contribute to something bigger. It’s important that I’m accountable so my account teammates can in turn do their best and deliver to clients.
  3. Flexibility is crucial. A day in the life of a PR professional is unsuccessful without first planning out tasks to accomplish. At the same time, if something new or important comes up, you have to be ready to shift your schedule at the drop of a hat. In this industry, no two days are alike and new things are always popping up, which I love!
  4. Authenticity is key. Pardon the buzzword, but remaining true to ourselves and to the company is crucial to our work. We are certain to work with clients who align with Olive’s vision. In turn this thoughtfulness inspires me even more because we’re working with clients we believe in (and they believe in us!).

This scratches the surface of what I’ve learned being here since January. I’m eager to continue to grow with the Olives!