May 24, 2019

Campaigns We Are In Love With RIGHT NOW

One of our favorite things we like to discuss during our weekly team meetings are brands we love, ones we’d love to work with and ones that are just KILLING IT with their latest social media campaigns, trending videos or viral media relations campaigns. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a brand that’s doing it right and feeling inspired by the message they are sharing. Over the last month we’ve been especially moved by some powerful campaigns.

Below are just a couple that we are bowing down too for catching our eye!

Booksmart—Splashing Social

Not only is this on our top list of new movies to see because it looks hilarious and it’s Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut, but they’ve killed it with making a splash in the media and on social media. Yes, of course they did the traditional press tour, but they also did some things differently to make waves and get people excited about checking the film out. For one, they formed a unique partnership with Instagram to offer the studio, United Artists’ followers a chance to get tickets to an advance screening of the movie, making it the first Instagram promoted movie campaign. Later, the first six minutes of the film was released and premiered and shared on the Ellen Show and yes, of course it went viral.

Budweiser—Pulling our Heart Strings

It seems like Budweiser’s 2019 goal might be to give us chills or bring us to tears. If that’s it, they are #winning. From the Kevin Durant retirement commercial released last month, to their latest Memorial Day campaign that’s calling for a national moment of silence to honor those that have served across all media platforms with a 60 second recording at the Calverton National Military Cemetery. Keep your eyes out for 3 p.m. (your local time) on Memorial Day for this powerful movement! Stepping away from direct marketing and aligning with powerful movements is even more powerful for brands to do to ensure they resonate with a larger audience. Thanks Budweiser, for giving us all the feels.

Nike—Dream Crazy

From starring Serena Williams and the first athlete with cerebral palsy, Alex Roca Campillo to attempt the Titan Desert Race, to the most recent “Dream with Us” commercial featuring the US women’s soccer team, Nike is what everyone seems to be talking about right now. Nike’s ability to capture our attention through powerful stories of the underdog, the game changer, the mover & shaker, leaves each viewer feeling motivated and inspired to make their own move—and that is what a successful campaign should do.



We want to hear from you! What campaign have you seen lately that’s left you feeling inspired? Or, are you ready to launch your very own power campaign? Drop us a note at