January 26, 2018

The Case for the Authentic Micro-Influencer

By Ann Berchtold

The current buzz around influencer marketing has increased the demand for influencers with a vast social fan-base. However, in many instances, bigger is not necessarily better. Too many approaches are focused only on the influencer’s audience size and not focused enough on whether their audience is relevant to the product or service. Better to ask: will the campaign be perceived as authentic, and will it connect in the intended way with the target audience?

An authentic micro-influencer may only have a few thousand followers, but has a high rate of engagement with their content. They are people of interest, doing exciting things. What makes them persuasive is the authentic way they live their life.

The first step we take when we launch a campaign is identifying the goal of the campaign and the client’s specific objectives. We then define the ideal influencer profile. We work with communities and segments and get to know the personalities who are authentically engaged. We then research each person of interest to ensure that we have something of value that will resonate with his or her audience. Once the campaign is completed, we measure the results and assess whether the campaign helped our client reach their business goals and also if the influencer gained from the exchange.  Our goal is to build long-term relationships between the influencer and the client.

We approach influencers the same way that we have successfully approached our media relations partners since the beginning—as win-win propositions. We always strive to fuse creativity with strategy and personal connections. It is this commitment, plus our approach to authentic influencer marketing, social media and media relations that sets us apart.

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