May 1, 2019

Cheers to 10 Years: Our Favorite Olive Moments

By Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg

One of my favorite things about Olive is how it has connected me with so many amazing people. I thought it would be fun to ask the Olives about their favorite #OliveMoment. Their answers made me realize that I’m living in one of the best moments so far. I have the strongest team I have ever had right NOW. Knowing that they are the best in the business makes me so proud. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

Here’s what they said:


After being here almost seven years it’s really hard to pick just one favorite moment, so I’ll list a few. 1) My first national media hit I was really proud of which was a full page feature in Triathlete Magazine for a lung cancer survivor competing in an Ironman. The difference the article made in his life is what makes this media hit stand out above the rest. 2) My first Race for the Cure with Susan G. Komen San Diego is what made me love event PR. Nothing beats the rush you get seeing your hard work culminate on event day. It was also one of the first projects I led on my own. 3) This is not really a moment but just having been lucky enough to start and continue my career at Olive. I started here fresh out of college and I never would have thought I would be where I am today.


There are so many great moments I’ve had at Olive, that it’s really hard to pick just one! But, I think it would have to be sharing Jeremy Sicile Kira’s story with the world and leading his first art exhibit media relations campaign! I secured many top tier national media outlets to cover his story—NBC TODAY Show, GMA, Refinery29,, MTV and so many more. Now you must think that would be the #OliveMoment. But it wasn’t. Yeah sure, securing such high volume of national media coverage was thrilling, but it was actually the impact that I saw it had on his life that was fulfilling. It launched his whole professional career as an artist, allowed him to move to an apartment that he loves in one of his favorite neighborhoods and make a living to support his life. Now being able to witness that was a true Olive moment for me.


My favorite Olive moment was when Jenn and I took a trip to NYC for media deskside visits. We met with editors from some of the most recognized publications in the world. We also made time to play in the city and ate famous New York pizza, Italian cuisine and cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery. It was the trip of a lifetime!


I first started working at Olive during the month of December which by default is such a magical and festive time of year. I quickly learned that team Olive loves to celebrate! During that first month, we celebrated so much that I lost track! We celebrated with clients as we approached the year-end and reflected on all their milestones hit and goals achieved that year past. We celebrated with new clients as we kicked off with them making plans for a successful year ahead. We celebrated with our internal team as fall interns and Olives were promoted. And as a grand culmination of all that celebrating, we capped it off with a cheers to the holidays, complete with team affirmations, champagne, and even a snow machine to boot! It was the most magical and memorable way to kick off my journey with team Olive and set the stage for years of celebrations yet to come.


My favorite Olive moment was being able to work with one of the newest luxury living communities in East Village at the time, Alexan ALX. It was exciting to see how the buzz of our PR and social media efforts affected leasing and built up to the grand opening party beautifully done by Modern Luxury. Seeing the project empty and then transition into the process of to having tenants officially moved in to the rooftop filled with people at the party enjoying the amazing property was a cool sight. Seeing a project through beginning to end is definitely an experience I am grateful for.


My favorite and most memorable Olive moment was when I was working p1440’s inaugural event in San Jose and had full access credentials to capture photos and videos for social media. A few of my favorite musical artists were headlining the festival so I was able to go to the restricted front area of the stage within spitting distance of the artists…yes, I was literally spit on by the singer from Foster the People, not my favorite part of that experience, but that’s a whole other story, ha!


In my short time at Olive I have had many wonderful experiences with both co-workers and clients alike. My favorite experience to date was driving to LA for a photoshoot with my co-worker Rachel. While the photoshoot proved to be a challenging event there was no shortage of help from Rachel. Everything went off without a hitch and I had the opportunity to see the Olive way. Looking forward to making more memories with this amazing crew at Olive!


My favorite Olive moment by far is the day I accepted a full-time position to stay on after college graduation! I was an intern and I felt so fortunate and excited to officially become an Olive.


From top-tier media hits to thrilling TV segments, there are endless Olive moments that come to mind! One that stands out was when our client, the Emilio Nares Foundation, made a surprise visit to the Olive office. They gifted us with a beautiful succulent, sweet card and a few hugs. It’s moments like this that make me appreciate the impact we have and work we do!


My favorite Olive moment is when I secured my first national media hit in Forbes for Little Italy. It was a goal of mine to specifically get a feature in that outlet so when it happened, I felt so accomplished! We celebrated with a champagne toast and some delicious bagels.


My favorite moment (so far) would have to be becoming an Olive! Being new to any job is hard, but everyone has made me feel so welcome and at home over the past few weeks. The people here go above and beyond for their clients, and it shows in their work. I’m thankful that I get to work alongside them and all of our amazing clients. I could not have wished for a more perfect fit!