May 1, 2020

Cheers to Our Lucky 11!

By Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg

It is said that the number 11 is the number of balance, equality and kindness.

In numerology the number 11 represents inspiration, illumination, and spiritual enlightenment. Pretty much everywhere you look, 11 signifies positive things. For me, I have also thought of 11 as two number ones making it even stronger. I always make a wish at 11:11 and in general, I have always chosen 11 when given the option. It’s my number.

Naturally, as we embark on our 11th year in business, I’m filled with happiness that my lucky 11 is the year we are launching in this totally crazy and uncertain time. In the earliest days of this pandemic, I read the news with reluctance and also a knowing that we were about to experience unprecedented times. The day the president closed travel from Europe, we chose to evacuate our office given our building neighbor who handles all passports. I knew that the traffic would be higher than usual and potentially dangerous for my team. I remember sitting at my home office desk that next day nervously thinking and I decided to meditate. As I rested my eyes, I remember thinking… Oh my, what will happen? How will be get through this? Will we make it? I heard a faint whisper, “You will thrive.”

And so it is, I am following that order and making sure it’s true. As we enter into this 11th year, I’m committed to thriving, not just for Olive, but for all of our clients. We are using this time, to elevate, illuminate and inspire. My team has very gracefully and powerfully transitioned to remote working. In fact, we may evaluate our policies going forward. We have signed clients to balance those who have paused, and we are maintaining optimism while we wait out the coming months, knowing that things will continue to change. We are doing our best to stay positive and when we have those moments of weakness, we lean into each other for support.

Somehow, this uncertain time has caused me to re-fall in love with my work. It has allowed me to get closer to it and to my team and to be truthful, this might be the most fulfilled I have ever been professionally.

Cheers to our lucky 11!