February 2, 2016

Client Spotlight: Free to Breathe

By: Jaclyn Acree

When I started working in public relations, I didn’t quite know what types of clients would inspire me.

Jenn, our President, would always ask, “What kind of clients do you want?” Jenn is a firm believer that if you say something out loud, then it helps manifest it into reality, yet I never had a clear answer when she would pop that question.

Therefore, I unintentionally ended up on this non-profit path I’m on and am so glad I did. It’s probably no coincidence that a few months ago, Jenn asked me that challenging question again and this time I had an answer: I wanted to work with a national non-profit that has events all around the country and help them take it to the next level. Just this last week, this became a reality.

We started working with Free to Breathe, a national lung cancer research and advocacy organization, last year when a media contact recommended Olive PR Solutions to help with their San Diego event. Not only did we end up working on the San Diego event but also the walks in Portland and Tacoma—each of which was a huge success.

This year, we were hired to help with 15 of their events all around the country!

Not only does Free to Breathe inspire me because they are a successful non-profit, but the work they are doing, the stigma they are working to eradicate and the impressive goal they are trying to reach (doubling lung cancer survival by 2022), affects me on a personal level.

One of my family members passed away from lung cancer and so the work I do for this client has that much more meaning. It can take just one media hit to reach that one extra person who ends up signing up for their local event where they are forever affected by the love, strength and courage felt at Free to Breathe events.

Next time you know what you want, remember to say it out loud and it may come true. To find a Free to Breathe event in your area or to learn more about the organization click here.