November 27, 2019


By Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg

As we head into this long holiday weekend, I am reminded of my gratitude for community. At Olive Creative Strategies, we celebrate community on a regular basis. Our very immediate community of powerful marketing and public relations professionals is what creates the platform for us to participate in such meaningful work. Our connection built on our commitment to support our clients in achieving their goals through marketing, media relations and social media bonds us. Afterall, isn’t community simply a group of people who come together over a common interest?

The community just beyond that, which includes our clients, gives us the opportunity to truly step into our purpose of creating connections and access that result in success. This community gives us the gift of working with so many extraordinary things—some providing “dream homes” while others have created the most incredible elixirs that reveal someone’s stunning skin while others are on the front lines of improving the lives of children in need, we get to feel so inspired and grateful daily.

And, the community of media contacts and influencers is what gives us the opportunity to get the most powerful results, allowing our clients to reach their target audiences ultimately driving their success. It is such a joy to work alongside professionals who have built influence by being consistent and honest and who have committed to sharing quality information with the world. It’s such a gift.

Our community is strong and beautiful—filled with doers of goodness and greatness. It is such a blessing to be part of this. And that is just at work.

In our personal lives, we celebrate our families and villages of people that restore our fuel while we are away from the office. The baby snuggles and laughter that energizes us all throughout the day and gives us the motivation to do better and be better humans. The reassuring support of our parents. The comradery from our siblings and dearest friends. Really, it’s all about community. Connection is the key to happiness and success.

Wishing you beautiful connections this holiday weekend and always.