October 27, 2019

Content and Imagery

By Joel Loeffler

Content and imagery are fundamental aspects of marketing an idea, product, or vision. It is necessary that the content and imagery don’t just align but amplify the subject in a way that captivates your specific target audience. When executed properly, the end-product should both inspire and engage your target audience to take action. This might be an action to make a purchase, join a movement or even to spread an idea.

How do we inspire through content and imagery? Well, there is a secret to creating something that is inspiring. Regardless of the final medium, the best inspiration comes from a place of understanding and honesty. Research and planning ahead allow for clear and precise ideas. Once the legwork is completed, implement what you know and put it into action to work for you. Sometimes, the topic is something that we naturally connect with. Other times, an honest connection to the subject must be sought out. In either of these instances, the key is that a connection must be made. After all, if you can’t be inspired by the topic then why would your target audience?

Ebbs and flows are natural when it comes to marketing trends. With modern technology, we are experiencing more of a permanent shift from text-based content to content that is primarily image-based. We’re not saying that blogs and news articles are going out of style anytime soon. However, reading a one-page article might take three to five minutes, or more. The sheer volume of content passed to consumers daily is more than overwhelming, it’s staggering. And no one has time to read every one of these individual articles. This is where the shift began and in comes imagery for the knock-out punch. Now, a one-page article is replaced with an image and a single line of text highlighting the most important content. It is quite obvious the advantage for the consumer. A five-minute task was simplified to a five- to 10-second glance. Talk about a game-changer. Who couldn’t use an extra four minutes and 50 seconds a day? We know we could!

The power of imagery cannot be overstated. Not only does imagery instantly transfer information, it transcends the barriers of language. Imagery is about using emotion to convey a message and human emotions—like images—also transcend all language barriers. With the language barrier removed, the potential consumer list grows exponentially. Easily said, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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