May 4, 2017

Crossing our T’s and Dotting our I’s, #TheOliveWay

By: Courtney Rose

At Olive PR, we are strategic about everything we do—every thing—from the way we start at our kick-off meeting to securing the media coverage that our clients want. We cross our t’s and dot our i’s #TheOliveWay because we know it works.

While every campaign and client is different and treated as such, there are a few key traits that make up The Olive Way. Want to learn more? Check out what we value in our client relationships and implement for successful media relations campaigns.

Trust| We value trust a lot at Olive. It’s because in order for a media relations campaign to be successful, there has to be a mutually beneficial trust between Olive and our clients. We can only do what we know works because our clients have faith in our strategic process. And we can secure great coverage when we trust our clients walk the talk. When we tell our clients we will do everything we can for them, we mean it and go the extra mile because we believe in the amazing things they do!

Transparency| Our clients know what’s going on at all times. We feel it’s important that they are involved and understand why we do XYZ because we want to be thought of as an extension of their internal team, and teams don’t keep secrets. We work cohesively with our clients to accomplish their goals—securing the media hits that will help them get there and keeping them in-the-know every step of the way. When a media opportunity is secured, our clients are the first to know. The moment that full-page spread hits the newsstands, our clients are the first to know. Feedback from an editor, our clients are the first to know. I think you get the picture, our clients know everything that’s happening and we like it that way!

Integration| In our world, social media and PR go hand-in-hand. At Olive, we’ve always believed a successful media relations campaign incorporates social media and PR because both are touch points for a brand to speak to its target audience. We have a locked-in system that integrates the two to ensure we are capitalizing on every opportunity for our clients.

Illuminate| Olive is known for our tagline “illuminate greatness,” and we stand by that day in and day out. It’s why we align ourselves with clients doing amazing things, whether that’s producing mood-boosting sunglasses or putting on the world’s happiest 5k. We work to amplify their voice and share their message with the world—we share because we truly do care.

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