February 7, 2022


Well, every month is, but someone decided that February 14th would be the day we celebrate love, buy mushy gifts for each other and pass out Valentine’s cards at school. I have a blast every year trying to outdo my cards from the previous year… it’s fun. I like to do those photo cards with my kids holding their hand out with a pencil pushed through the photo… the cutest. Though… it was more fun when we could use lollipops… I digress.

I asked myself:  How do I learn about love through the work I do?

This is what came to mind.

I get to witness people expressing their passion, purpose and love for what they do – how they show up in the world being of service. That is both an honor and a gift. They trust us to get their message out to the world and that is something I never take lightly.

I get to love myself through the challenges and the wins. Somedays it’s easier than others.

I love what I learn about myself through this work and what I learn about the world. I have gone deep into so many different industries I would have never discovered on my own. I have represented everything from call centers and children’s clothing lines to spiritual coaches and drug discovery companies. I have learned about the intricate details of roasting coffee beans and how a farm transitions to regenerative agriculture. I would have never guessed many of these would be things I’d have so much interest in.

I have been able to beam with love and joy at events I never would have found myself at if it wasn’t for this work. It would be far too long a share to list them all. I have found myself in some of the most peculiar and awesome conversations with people I would have never gotten to meet or get to know.

Maybe more than the super wild moments are the even sweeter ones where I have met people who are now family. I took note the other day of all the people who have visited me in Washington and I realized that so many of them met me originally through work. This beautiful work I get to do has brought so many of my people into my life.

I haven’t even mentioned all the talented Olives I have gotten to work with over the years. Some I hold so close to my heart and try to connect with as often as I can.

So, when I ask myself that question, what I realize is that it’s all love. Every single thing comes back to love.

I feel grateful to have found something I love to do. On the harder days, which have been more plentiful than ever the last two years, I can find the energy to keep going because there is so much love.

Wishing you and yours a February filled with love.