November 7, 2018

Follow Up on Your Followers

By Czarina Greaney

“Scroll, like, scroll, like, scroll comment.” It’s an endless cycle that can actually decrease engagement when it’s not used to build meaningful connections. So break the cycle and follow up with your followers! Staying connected and learning how to build your social media presence will further develop your business. That’s why the Olives have gathered up three follow-up tips to increase your engagement and build your social media presence:

  1. Remember followers are friends, not numbers. As a brand, it is important to remind your followers that you genuinely care about them! Brands who put their virtual relationships first are more successful in maintaining a stronger social media presence. Your followers want an authentic relationship. The act of retweeting to share, responding to engage and commenting for feedback will allow you to form a deeper connection and truly converse with your online community. Recognition builds a connection and makes your brand stand out. Those actions will result in long-term relationships, generate engagement and build loyal followers.
  2. Connect to converse. As you thoughtfully reach out to your online community, remember to apply a comment with a question that generates a possible response. Don’t ask a question just to ask it. Think of thoughtful, purposeful and genuine questions. For example, if it’s a food photo, comment and add an open-ended question. “Wow, this looks absolutely scrumptious! What did you order?” Pairing a compliment with a question invites more engagement with followers and potential followers.
  3. Recognize and share. This last follow-up tip can be done on all social media platforms —whether it’s a repost on Instagram, share on Facebook or retweet on Twitter. The act of resharing a post, picture or video demonstrates acknowledgment and awareness. Using your brand to showcase creative work from others can inspire new followers to check out your brand and increase word-of-mouth.

So start following up on your followers to grow your online relationships for an offline impact. Want to connect? Shoot us an email at!