February 16, 2017

Football and Public Relations: More Similar Than You Think?

By: Lauren Spinelli

Success in any sport all comes down to teamwork. As many coaches say, you’re only as strong as your weakest player and if one fails, we all fail. In football, when the quarterback is blitzed and the guards aren’t ready to defend the ball, the whole team is impacted. At Olive PR Solutions, we as a team all strive for that common goal – for that perfect media hit, for a successful social media campaign, for our client’s overall success. These things can only be achieved with a strong team, and at Olive, we protect the ball.

Unlike a Brady to Gronkowski pass, nothing in PR is certain. Media coverage isn’t promised, but earned, and that isn’t always easy. You need a team that can take a hit, and a strong foundation is the first step to success. Here are the pivotal “positions” in PR that are essential for achieving your team goals:

PR Linemen (a.k.a. Account Coordinators): These are the professionals that will do anything for the good of the team – they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and will hold it down to ensure that the play is a success. Much like Account Coordinators, linemen are the base foundation on the pyramid of success. They hold the line, making sure everything is organized and ready for when it’s time to make the big play.

Playmakers (a.k.a. Account Executives): Every team has those select few playmakers, the ones who can carry out a Hail Mary pass to a receiver or the 60-yard rushing touchdown by the running back with 15 seconds left for the win. In PR, these are the Account Executives who make it happen, set on the path to success by their line. If a campaign hits a stall, this teammate will have the answer and make the play quickly and based off of a wealth of skill and experience.

Special Teams (a.k.a. Social Media Pros): These players have a unique skill unlike any other team member on the field. When there are only five seconds left and all we need is a 55-yard field goal to win it, we bring in these professionals. Our tech-savvy social media team’s skills are fine-tuned and specialized.

The Quarterback (a.ka. The President): Every champion PR team needs a Tom Brady – the leader, the voice of reason, the captain of the ship. This team member is special and unwavering – the company President is the team’s rock. It’s undeniable that it takes a strong leader to win Super Bowls – wouldn’t you agree, Tom?

When all of these positions come together – that’s when the magic happens. If you want to team up, reach out to us at info@olivecreativestrategies.com, or visit our website at www.OlivePRSolutions.com.