March 21, 2018

Four Benefits of Influencer Marketing

By Lauren Spinelli

If you’re a brand or company, you’re doing a lot of talking about what you do. With advertising, public relations and social media, you are working to get your message out into the world to educate the public on your mission and offerings. But sometimes, you have to put your brand to the test and let other people give their two cents. This is where influencer marketing comes in.

An influencer is a respected voice in the community that other people take trusted advice from when it comes to purchasing decisions or product recommendations. Influencer marketing is a great tool for letting this unique voice talk about your company and raise third-party awareness. Here are four benefits of a strong influencer marketing campaign you might be missing out on:

  1. Gaining Trust: Influencers don’t provide the world with a perfectly crafted elevator pitch of your mission in a cookie-cutter packaged ad. They give an honest review that will build creditability because their content is trusted by their followers. People follow influencers for genuine suggestions and if you’re doing it right in your industry you will gain the public’s trust as well.
  2. Getting the word out: News travels fast online. Influencers are the online version of chatting with friends to get a recommendation but on a mass scale. Simply put, you’ll get your name out to the masses.
  3. Reaching your target audience: Influencers tend to have very niche focuses which will allow you to get in front of specific target audiences. This will help in actually going after people who care about your content and not bothering the rest of the Internet. Influencers allow you to get super focused while reaching all ages on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and traditional blogs.
  4. Boosting SEO: Influencers not only share your name, but your links! Interested masses will click around online to find your site and boost SEO which will drive conversions.

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