May 9, 2018

Friends or Followers?

By Madeline Balicoco

Whether your numbers are in the hundreds, thousands or millions — when it comes to followers, we usually think more is better. Don’t get me wrong, followers are important. However, what’s even more important is the relationships you have with them.

With the rise of buying follower bots, it can be tempting to boost your numbers with the click of a button — but followers are more than just a number. They’re an opportunity for you to grow loyal networks and even generate brand advocates.

At Olive, creating and maintaining authentic relationships is the bread and butter of what we do. But when you dive into social media, sometimes our industry forgets how this key ingredient comes into play. That’s why it’s important to consider whether you have loyal friends within your online community or passive followers.

The best way to understand how your audience feels about you is by talking to them! If you want to strengthen and maintain your relationship with your followers, focus on responding and asking questions. Encourage and reward people who proactively engage with you by listening and interacting with them. If your goal is to grow your audience, reach out to users who align with your values and kick off a genuine conversation.

Every day our team sets aside time to really listen to our clients’ social media followers — and the numbers speak for themselves. By promoting an engaged, enthusiastic and authentic online community, you’ll receive repeated, long-term engagement. And if you also begin conversations with the right people, you’ll generate a following of users who are committed and interested in what you do, which can translate into positive, offline engagement!

Long-term, meaningful relationships aren’t generated instantaneously. They’re strategically built over time through careful listening and daily outreach. Are you ready to make that happen? Shoot us an email at!