September 26, 2019


By: Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg 

Ask anyone who is winning in business and in life and they can always roll off a few goals they are working on. Goals are the driving force behind momentum, but they aren’t the end game. The end game is your fully expressed vision. A goal is a timestamp and a vision is ever-evolving. Sometimes as business owners we set goals and then we charge forward forgetting to revisit the whys of what we are doing.

I like to set goals like milestones while I focus on a bigger vision. Goals can be opportunities to celebrate. They can be quantitative or qualitative. They can be tangible or intangible. They can be a feeling. There are so many kinds of goals. In marketing and public relations, we like to set very targeted goals like a specific media outlet we want to secure or a specific number of hits we want to generate to a website or a number of tickets we want to sell. As a business owner, I often set revenue goals that measure our growth.

Recently, I realized that I was operating from expired goals. I had changed and grown far beyond the goals I set when I started my business, but I was still functioning like I was working toward them – even though they were behind me. I needed an update, so I imagined my life as a clean slate and asked this simple question: Knowing what I know today, what do I want? When I identified a shortlist of things I want, I developed some goals. In the weeks that followed, I watched the things that no longer fit fall away and new incredible opportunities emerged.

How current are your goals? Are you sure you are working on what you want today? Take time today to revisit your vision and the goals you need to achieve to live your best life.

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