August 29, 2019

Going Global

By Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg

We share one world and many perspectives…

One of our values at Olive is to be and think globally. As citizens of the world, we are committed to making a positive impact. We believe that we can make a difference and we do by aligning with incredible brands and people. This isn’t just our clients, this extends to our partners and media too.

We have the great honor of sharing story ideas with the media to fill programming with positive information amid all the sadness and tragedy. We take that honor seriously and have secured coverage all over the globe. It doesn’t just end with media relations, the world wide web is called that for a reason and social media knows no borders. What you are posting is inevitably being seen by the world. One social media post with a large following could easily reach over 100 countries. That is serious power when used consciously.

This is thrilling and for some people daunting. Here are five things to consider when you are reaching the world:

1. You should know your target audience and demographics to ensure you are speaking into their listening. Thankfully, social media platforms provide translation, but you should always check to see how what you are posting is translating if you are a global brand. You might need to choose your words differently to support it. Clever wordplay isn’t always the best idea if it doesn’t translate in a clever way.

2. If your audience comes from certain parts of the world, be sure you are honoring customs. Certain symbols, words and hand signals mean different things in different cultures. If you have a lot of people in your community who represent a certain culture, have an ambassador from that culture review your marketing materials to provide input.

3. Be mindful of images and diversity. If you are reaching the world, have the diversity of the globe represented in your models.

4. If you are doing media relations in a country with a different language, we recommend partnering with a local agency who can support you in translating your marketing materials and in facilitating your campaign. Cultural differences are a big deal in business. Plus, it can be more cost-effective to hire a local agency than pay an international fee.

5. Think big… so many people confine their vision to their borders. If what you are doing can help people here, maybe it can help people in other places too.

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