February 12, 2018

Growing Your Social Media Garden

By Madeline Balicoco

Blossoming followings, blooming photos and flourishing hashtags — when it comes to social media, cultivating success is like growing a garden. Both of them need daily tender, love and care. Sprouting lasting relationships requires more than an occasional sprinkle of comments. To nurture your social media garden, proper upkeep and attention is key.

Plant new seeds to blossom your following.

Of course, the first step of cultivating any garden is to plant new seeds! Whether you’re stepping into a new platform or expanding your presence, seek out relevant, flourishing hashtags and geotags that your potential followers are using. Then, search them every day to establish relationships with new users. If you comment and reply to them authentically, little by little your followers will increase. With daily attention to planting and expanding your garden you’ll have a fully bloomed following before you know it.

Regularly water it with fresh, new content.

A garden needs a steady supply of nourishment and the same goes for social media. You wouldn’t leave your garden unkempt for a month — it would lead to untamed weeds and diminished florals! Long spans of not updating your social media will decrease engagement and may lead to a loss of followers. On the other hand, you don’t want to overwater your channels either. Saturating your platforms with constant updates will overwhelm your followers and also decrease engagement. It’s best to provide quality over quantity. Find a healthy schedule of sharing valuable content without overdoing it.

Cultivate positive conversations every day.

Maintaining a garden requires daily check-ins on growth and performing any necessary upkeep. With people constantly hopping onto Facebook, Instagram and Twitter throughout the day, it’s important to perform daily upkeep on your channels too. Once you get into the groove of your daily maintenance, responding to comments and questions is essential. Monitor your posts, campaign hashtags and surrounding environment to see if any conversations are beginning to sprout. You want to listen and understand what people are saying before you jump into the mix. When you feel confident and inspired, continue to help those conversations grow!

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