December 12, 2018

Holiday Gift Ideas for PR Pros

In the PR world we start thinking about and brainstorming for Holiday Gift Guides in June, which leaves a lot of time for us to be thinking about what we may want this year. Now that all the gift guides are coming out we thought we would round up some ideas to get for the PR professional in your life (hint, hint mom and dad). 😉



PR and social media professionals are creative in nature – it’s one of the top skills needed to succeed in this industry. We also have to be really good writers. While during the day we are fusing our creativity and writing for our clients, in our off time we enjoy doing it for ourselves. A journal makes for a great gift and this one is a win-win because it’s from our client Ten Thousand Villages, which means it also supports artisans in developing countries – this journal comes from rural Bangladesh.



If you know a PR professional then you know we live or die by our calendar. It’s how we keep track of client calls, internal meetings, deadlines and our personal lives. It doesn’t hurt that this one is really pretty also.


Blue Light Filtering Glasses

One misconception about the PR industry is that we are constantly out at parties, events, networking etc. While those do play into the job, the reality is that we are at our computers and looking at our phones all day long. Recently, these blue light glasses have received a lot of attention for helping with dry eyes, headache, eye fatigue and blurred vision.


Wine Club Subscription

Because who doesn’t need a good glass of wine after a long and stressful day.


Donate to Charity

At Olive, we love giving back to the community and to organizations we believe in. This holiday, instead of buying something, or in addition to, donate to one of the non-profits we love so much. There is the One Love Movement, Emilio Nares Foundation, Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania, Ten Thousand Villages and so many more!


Happy Holidays!