November 15, 2017

How Holiday Planning Inspires Me at Work


By: Kara Schniepp

While getting ready for the season of giving and family, it has provoked some thoughts about the Olive family and how working as a PR professional is so similar to holiday preparation.

Here are the aspects of planning for the holidays that have inspired me professionally:

Sending out holiday cards—when you send out cards at this time of year, it’s to show the recipient that while you may not always say it, you care about them, appreciate them and want to wish them a happy holiday. Seeing the Olive team every day, appreciation for each other’s support becomes ubiquitous and sometimes goes without saying. Sending out cards for the holidays has reminded me to make the effort to tell and show my peers how grateful I am for their friendship and encouragement.

Holiday shopping lists—since shopping for loved one’s gifts can be so overwhelming, it’s always helpful to put together a shopping list. Once purchased, you cross it off the list, wrap it and set it aside for whichever holiday you celebrate. Like a holiday shopping list, at work, I write down and prioritize what I need to complete to help support my colleagues and illuminate our clients in the best light possible. Once completed, I cross that task or accomplishment off my list with peace of mind that I’ve done my job to contribute to my colleague’s or client’s cause.

Timeliness—this season tends to fly by in a flurry of events, preparation and errands. As in life and holiday planning, it’s important to schedule out to-do list tasks and events in order to accomplish everything in a timely fashion—so you can enjoy the holidays and results of your successes.

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