July 28, 2019

How Olive Builds Strong Client Relationships

By Davia Sobelman

At Olive, our clients are more than partners – they’re friends. Personally, I always strive to build authentic client relationships to help them in achieving their goals. At the end of the day, the secret to strengthening client relationships is providing high-level dependability and transparency in every conversation. This mutual respect and appreciation guarantees more success, personal and professional growth and it’s a great way to transform your business relationship into something worth cherishing for years.

Here’s a few easy tips and tricks you can incorporate into your client relationship building:

Maintain Exceptional Communication

Clients want to know that you care! I aim to begin every phone call or interaction by getting to know them better or just checking in. Simply asking, “How has your day been?” or “Anything new and exciting happening for you?” are easy ways to foster a new relationship or demonstrate that you care. By frequently touching base with clients and being approachable, you’re creating a comfortable dynamic that will open the door to endless possibilities.

This approach can seamlessly help to grow a professional relationship. I always avoid being flaky or having lack of communication because in any relationship in life it will reflect poorly on your values. By incorporating this level of understanding and respect, you’re showing your client that you acknowledge their work and they can count on you.

Be Thoughtful

At Olive, it’s important to us to not miss the big moments like birthdays, anniversaries, the list goes on! So, one crucial piece of advice is to always celebrate with your client! I continuously try to ask questions and listen. Always listen. Because we know life can throw curveballs, and that also applies to our clients too. So, when they deliver bad news, send flowers! It’s small gestures that will transform a relationship.

In addition to that, I make an effort to acknowledge their accomplishments no matter what they are. If your client has seen tremendous growth, launched a new product or rebrand, etc. – it’s crucial to identify those strides so they’re aware it doesn’t go unnoticed.

From Client to Partner

We become more than a marketing and public relations team with our clients. We develop into partners or friends, supporting them to achieve their goals and grow their business. We do this by establishing a high-level of trust and dependency to inspire them to grow even bigger, and not limit their potential. Encouraging feedback and having open conversations about improvement (for both parties) is truly effective in strengthening a relationship.

You ultimately want your clients to know that you’re a team player. For example, I try to find unique ways I can help my clients outside of what we’re contracted for. Whether it’s connecting them with a potential partner or brainstorming which direction the company should go in, I want my clients to know that I care and will go above and beyond to ensure we’re achieving our goals.

In the end, creating a solid foundation will ultimately help a strong client relationship blossom. Showing gratitude and exceeding expectations are just a few of the ways you can achieve this. To learn more about our client relationships, shoot us an email at info@olivecreativestrategies.com.