September 27, 2018

How Olive Grows the Seeds of Your Brand

By Hannah Elauria

We all know the saying, “You reap what you sow.” In other words, what you put into a project, you’ll get back. Well, strategic communications can be related to the same ideas behind farming — that’s right, I said farming. You might be thinking, “What does that have to do with planting seeds?” You’d be surprised to find the striking similarities between the two:

Planning Before Planting

Before planting a seed, a farmer must know their region extensively — studying the soil, nutrients, sunlight and more. At Olive, we definitely plan before cultivating growth by studying a our clients’ target audiences  and regional markets. This way, we’ll have a clearer understanding of who we’re talking to and most importantly, how to reach and relate to them.

And don’t forget that farmers also need to visualize the layout of their crops. Will it be in rows, pots, tiered or shaded? After all, you wouldn’t just randomly throw your seeds in the dirt. This is something you don’t want to do in your brand development either. That’s why we do our research to place your brand’s messages where they’ll grow best.

Consistency Is Key

When watering plants, often times the best strategy is consistent watering, rather than constant watering. Some plants only need watering once a week, while some need daily. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep it consistent.

The same can be said about a brand’s content. Consistent, not constant, content is key to a brand’s online growth. You don’t want to inundate your following, rather you want to inform them consistently of who your brand is and what you represent.

Keep It Up

Patience is a virtue when farming. You wouldn’t expect a tomato plant to pop up overnight and the same thing goes for social media and PR. While some plants can take months to even sprout, thoughtful campaigns need sufficient time to build momentum and flourish with strong, effective results.

Rotating Your Crops

If you know anything about agriculture, you know that crop rotation is important to a plant’s lifespan. Planting the same crop in the same soil will hurt your harvest over time. At Olive, we believe that “rotating” your content is key to your brand’s growth. Your audience can grow tired of limited and repetitive topics, so it’s important to provide fresh, eye-catching content to keep them hooked. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the changing seasons too — just like plants, some topics thrive during specific times of the year!

Don’t Give Up When It’s Hard

Sometimes when farming, the hardest part is right before harvest. The fruits of your labor are almost ready and anything could make or break it! When it comes to long-term campaigns, sometimes the hardest times are right before a big launch or event. But don’t fret — the fruits of your labor will pay off soon!

All in all, PR and social media can be seen as a true nurturing process. Are you ready to reap the results that we sow? Send us an email at