August 8, 2019

How Strong Internal Communications Can Complement PR & Social Media Campaigns

By Lauren Spinelli

What is being said about your company, product or event to the public is just as important as what is being said about you internally. Before you launch the search for ambassadors and influencers, don’t forget about your colleagues! Make sure your colleagues and employees are educated on the business’ mission and goals and are in alignment with the company’s values. Below are a few refreshers on how strong internal comms brings cohesiveness to your overall marketing strategy:

  1. Keep your colleagues in the know! People love to know what’s going on and when kept informed, they can then inform others. If employees are in the loop, they can feel a sense of pride and purpose for seeing the bigger picture and are likely to share information—creating positive word of mouth interactions outside of your organization!
  2. See your colleagues and employees as another target audience and engage them as you engage your external audiences! Just as you aim to control the messaging about your organization in the media – also try to control your messaging internally. You can share key messaging and keep people engaged with eye catching newsletters, corporate social responsibility events, monthly luncheons, fundraising matches and more.
  3. Need fresh ideas for reaching different external audiences? Look no further than the people who live and breathe within your organization daily. When there is strong internal comms and two-way communication, you might unearth an idea from an employee to further the business you might not have thought of yet—hear them out!

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