October 11, 2018

How to Run the Influencer Game

By Madeline Balicoco

Influencer marketing. This buzz word has been tossed back and forth and we’ve seen some awesome wins come out of it. But before you kick off a new type of campaign in an uncharted arena, you need to lay out the strategy and groundwork. When you’re calling the plays, it’s important to study successful logistics and create a plan. That’s why the Olives rounded up how we make sure our execution is a hit and not a miss:

  1. Define what makes a win.

Depending on your organization’s mission, what makes a win for you could be entirely different than a business in a completely different industry. That’s why defining the purpose and overall goal of your influencer campaign is essential. Ask yourself, “What do I want my brand to gain and how does that tie into our offline goals?” And don’t forget that the influencer game is a team effort. So also think about how this campaign will benefit the individual or brand you’ll eventually collaborate with. That way, you’ll know what the end game should look like for both parties.

  1. Set those measurable objectives.

Once you define your wins, it’s time to plan out how you’ll get there. This is where measurable objectives come in. Think of them as the specific yard lines on the field that you’ll want to reach by the end of the play. They’ll visibly show whether your influencer marketing efforts were a hit or miss. If your campaign’s goal is to grow your online community, then you’ll want to measure how many new followers you gain and whether you’re increasing positive engagement.

  1. Recruit for your team & evaluate the play.

Now that you’ve laid out your strategy, you’re ready to decide on your execution. Outline what’s going to happen in your influencer campaign to help you reach your endgame. Are you going to propose a giveaway on their channels or collaborate on content? It’s all up to you! Just be sure to keep a separate budget for your influencer efforts. And when it comes to recruitment, the best place to start is within your existing online community. If they’re already interested in what you stand for, then they’ll be a stronger team player. And of course, throughout your campaign be sure to measure those metrics to make sure you’re surpassing your objectives.

Impressive wins don’t happen overnight. They take strategic planning and kickass execution. If your team is ready to jump into the influencer game, then email us at info@olivecreativestrategies.com!