October 28, 2022

Illuminate Greatness Featuring Fine Artist Beth Bowen

The latest episode of the Illuminate Greatness Podcast features Beth Bowen Art.

Jennifer and Beth have been friends since high school. The two met when they were selected as Student Ambassadors of their counties. They had a special connection that has lasted through the decades.

In this interview, Beth talks about how she took her career from YouTube to the Louvre in just one year! Her courage and confidence launched her art straight to the biggest platforms almost overnight. Most recently, she landed a huge opportunity with HomeGoods!

You are likely already wondering how this happened. Beth is one of those people that does what it takes fearlessly. She is willing to do the work, even if she has to create a masterpiece in a day. And let’s be honest, she’s super talented.

You can view her art here.

You can listen to the blog here.