September 29, 2022

Illuminate Greatness Podcast Interview with Bonnie Shaw

Episode 2 of the Illuminate Greatness Podcast is here!

In this episode, Jennifer interviews Bonnie Shaw, the co-founder and president of Clearpoint Agency, a public relations and marcomm firm with offices in San Diego and Massachusetts.

She has led award-winning brand positioning and PR strategies for companies such as Toshiba, Beyond Meat, UBS, Eddie Bauer, Zodiac, and dozens of companies in healthcare, technology, financial services, commercial real estate, and ecommerce. Shaw uses her broad experience to craft objective-driven PR strategies and create an authentic voice for her clients that differentiates, engages target audiences, and builds trust. In this interview, she illuminates the current state of B2B pr and where businesses should maintain their focus to stay on the cutting edge.

Take a listen here.