August 31, 2015

An Intern’s Ode to Olive PR Solutions

If I were to sum up my social media summer internship at Olive PR Solutions in one sentence, it would be with this quote from J.W. Holmes, Jr. that says, “A mind stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions.” There’s no simple way for me to explain everything I’ve learned and accomplished this summer, and it’s even more difficult to describe how I feel knowing that the days of my second internship at Olive are numbered. This may not have been my first Olive internship rodeo, but the experiences I have had as a social media intern helped me see an entirely new side of Olive PR Solutions. Spending the summer learning the ropes of social media didn’t just strengthen my interest in this field, but it also helped me realize that the work goes far beyond the typical job description of an intern.

No two days at my internship were ever alike, so being versatile quickly became one of my specialties. Blogging, tweeting, Instagramming and pinning all became part of my daily life, and I always had to remember to leave room for the unexpected. From going on solo adventures around Little Italy for photo opps to channeling my inner graphic designer to make graphics on Canva, I loved the sudden spontaneity that was waiting in every day. What I loved most about my internship was that even though every day was extremely busy and at times stressful, I was always having fun. I could always harness my DJ-ing skills as the office DJ (I go by DJ JDN if you were wondering), take part in an odd job like taking photos of Olive’s resident dog, Harley wearing VIM & VIGR socks, or even dress up like a Grecian goddess for my 4 seconds of fame on the morning news.

My days here may now be numbered, but I feel lucky to be able to look back at my time as an intern with nothing but gratitude for everything that I’ve learned and experienced this summer. I’ll always remember the thirteen smiles that welcomed me on the first day of my internship along with the many laughs, lessons, sing-alongs, and victory celebrations that made up my incredible summer at Olive PR Solutions.