May 7, 2019

Is New York City in Your Forecast?

The Big Apple is where the top-tier media live and breathe—TODAY Show, Vogue, SHAPE, Inc. – you name it, it’s there! We always get the question from our clients, “Just how important are New York desksides?”

Our answer, “SO valuable!”

For any client, New York desksides can be the extra push they need to get their brand directly in front of the media. For a consumer product or a consumer packaged good—it’s key. It’s the opportunity for you to have 15-30 minutes of undivided attention of the major media outlet you’ve been dreaming of. It’s the closest you’ll get to share your message the way YOU want to and get direct feedback from the editor. This meeting is the only thing between you and your product getting selected for an upcoming feature in that dream media publication.

So, what are the real benefits? Below are a few more reasons why you should be taking the leap and booking that flight to NYC right now!

Capture All Your Senses—touch, feel, smell, taste, hear

There’s no need to worry about sending samples when you can bring the product with you and showcase every element of it in front of the editor. Is it a beauty product? Walk them through how to use it, while talking about the benefits it does for your skin. A consumer packaged good? It’s sample time! Open a few packages and taste test while discussing the high-quality ingredients. A new consumer tech product? Walk the editor through how to use it and how it’ll enhance their life. This is your chance to see the editor’s first reactions and engage with them—use it wisely!

Direct Feedback

Hear what the editor really thinks of your product—do they love it? Do they have a helpful suggestion? Sometimes an editor’s feedback could be what you need to hear to enhance your product or their insight could illuminate a solution to a challenge you’ve been dealing with. Listen and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Personal Connection

It’s true—there’s something about putting a face to a name. New York desksides give you the opportunity to connect with the editor face-to-face. They really are just like us! We love when a 20-minute scheduled meeting turns into an hour of laughs, personal conversations and a sprouting friendship with a media hit on the side 😉. Authentic, personal connections go a long way—this makes media excited to hear about your brand the next time an email from us pops up in their inbox!

Your Words, Your Message

This is the perfect opportunity for you and your PR professional to pitch your brand away! The message is coming directly from you—it doesn’t get any more authentic than that. Use this as a chance to also refine your messaging. Pay attention to the “Ahha!” moment in the editor’s eyes. What line do you say that really captivates them and makes them fall in love with your story? Learn what you can so that your next pitch is golden!

Ready to book that New York flight and take the leap of faith with desksides? Shoot us an email at and we’re happy to support you through your journey!