October 19, 2017

Join The Party: Mixing & Mingling On Social Media

By: Madeline Balicoco

So you’ve just entered a party and see a room full of new faces. How do you feel? Maybe a mixture of nervous and excited? What’s probably racing through your mind is, “How am I going to start mixing and mingling?”

At Olive, this is the same question that goes through our minds when we log on to our clients’ social media accounts. I’ve found that whether conversations are in-person or online, the same etiquette for cultivating charming chitchat remains the same: be attentive, authentic and kind. It’s as simple as that!

Listening is key

As those new faces chat among themselves at a party, usually the first thing you would do before jumping into a conversation is listen to what’s already being said. The same attentiveness holds true on social media. Just like you would while you mix and mingle, “listen” for what’s unique in every comment or post. Clever and charming replies are crafted through attentiveness, so reading carefully is key.

Be yourself

When you meet new people, they want to meet the real you! With all of the various people you’ll chat with at a party or online, it’s each person’s personality that will stand out to you. This doesn’t mean that you should overplay your personality. Being genuine and authentic is what truly stands out to people.

Top off your chitchat with kindness

Of course, you always want to be kind! One of the best ways to kick off a conversation is with a genuine compliment. At a party, you wouldn’t want to pass by someone and curtly say, “Nice dress” (we’ve all seen those types of comments before). If you’re truly inspired or impressed by something, show that you are in your reply!

When in doubt on social media, think about how you would join or start a conversation at a party. If you’re authentic, attentive and kind in your approach, you’ll see your online conversations begin to flow. Are you ready to start mixing and mingling? Start by shooting an email to info@olivecreativestrategies.com