March 9, 2017

Why I Love When People Ask Me What I Do

By: Hannah Rolak

Whether I’m meeting someone new or catching up with a family member, I actually get excited when people ask me what I do. It’s a chance to shed some light on a largely misunderstood industry and explain how at Olive, we do things differently.

Usually the conversation goes a little something like this…

“So it’s like advertising?” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this…Advertising has its place in marketing plans, but PR is something else. With PR, we have conversations with journalists, bloggers and other media people about why our client is noteworthy and how they fit into their upcoming stories. And when a client is featured in the media, it provides third party credibility that can’t be bought.

“But how can you tell that PR is working?” Our PR plans work synonymously with clients’ growth and development plans, so it’s really as simple as asking if they are meeting their business goals. Our agency is different because we don’t try to convince our clients with fancy, complicated graphs – it’s about what we like to call “the result of the result.” What are they seeing happen as a result of a media hit? What types of hits are working for them, and which aren’t?

“What’s the most satisfying thing about PR?” Two things: providing a media contact a story that will help them fulfill a need, and seeing the impact of an amazing media hit. A client win is a personal win.

PR is a mystery to many, which is why I love getting the word out about a profession that influences the world all around us. Behind each placement is a lot of strategy, creativity and hard work. What questions do you have about PR? Email us at