July 20, 2017

What Makes Olive Different

By: Jaclyn Walian

I might be biased, but I truly believe that Olive is different (in a good way, of course), and clients that have previously worked with other agencies before working with us have always confirmed this over the years.

Here is what makes Olive stand out from the rest:

  • Our team is serious about shining the spotlight on our clients. Olive amplifies the messages of the most positively powerful people and brands to support them in making a bigger impact.
  • While most of our clients fall within lifestyle consumer products, city improvement associations and national events in various markets throughout the country, we don’t turn anyone away if they don’t fit within one of these categories. We will work with anyone that has an impactful and authentic message to share!
  • We grow employees’ portfolios around their interests—we have to be passionate about the accounts we take on.
  • We focus on the results of the results. A media hit in a top-tier national publication doesn’t mean anything to us unless it impacted our client’s bottom line.
  • We don’t hide behind the difficulty of measuring the success of PR because we believe it is measurable.
  • We have an integrated social media and media relations team. We have always remained on the cutting edge by having separate departments but working in tandem to get maximum results.
  • We are very transparent in everything that we do. We believe our clients should be able to see the work we are doing and know why we are doing it.
  • Our clients see us as a core member of their team and there is a mutually beneficial trust.
  • We feel that when people are winning they feel great about where they are, so we aim to create an atmosphere where it is easy to win.
  • We believe in the life-changing power of public relations because we have seen it in action.
  • We are always ready to pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate, even for the little things.

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