August 12, 2015

The Mary Poppins Bag for a PR Pro

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned throughout my career is that you absolutely MUST be prepared for anything and everything that could happen, and to always show up with your game face on. That’s where having a PR powerhouse Mary Poppins bag comes into play.

Here are a few essential items that I always carry in my bag to get me through a workday – because no day in PR is ever the same:

  1. Pens – You can never have enough of them. On average, I probably have four or five in my bag at once. I recommend always having a favorite, plus a few extra for the people at your meetings that come empty handed (it’s bound to happen).
  2. Notebook – PR pros can’t live without their notebooks. It’s probably one of the most important items to have – typically filled with meeting notes, to-do lists that never end, pitch ideas you thought of at the most random time of day and a few doodles and daydreams here and there
  3. Cell phone charger – Enough said.
  4. Watch – Fashionable and functional (plus you’ll be glad you have it if your phone dies and you forget your charger).
  5. Snacks – I am known to have a granola bar, almonds, piece of fruit or trail mix at all times. Whether for a client, colleague, or myself, no one likes to go into a meeting hangry.
  6. Laptop/Tablet & MiFi – Nowadays, staying connected and having access to the Internet is crucial, so in case you can’t connect to your favorite coffee shop’s Internet, it’s always a good idea to come to the table with your own.
  7. A few other items to toss in – Business cards, your portfolio and a comfortable pair of heels and flats.

Overall, one of the greatest gifts you can posses when working in public relations is the ability to stay cool, calm and collected no matter how high (or low) stress the situation is. And trust me – having your Mary Poppins bag nearby is sure to come in handy.

You’ll rarely catch me without my bag that keeps on giving. What’s in your bag?