January 2, 2018

What It Means to Be Socially Conscious Online

“I think there’s a social responsibility that comes with a public platform. Because of the position that I’ve been put in, I think it’s important to use my voice to do as much as I can.” – Priyanka Chopra

By: Cree Jones

At Olive, we’ve worked on our fair share of corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns. After all, it’s one of our specialties! But as we move into the digital age, we recognize that we also need to be socially conscious online. What does that mean exactly? We believe that social media can be used in such a way that can improve the lives of others while being socially aware. Here’s how we do it…

Being a Source of Information

When you think about where you get your news and information, what characteristics come to mind? We would argue that most expect relevant and expert-level content. So, when crafting online content for brands, we want to make sure that it’s just that! Content should also be interesting, engaging, factual and always delivering quality and value. Once the content is developed, it can be syndicated through the appropriate social media channels and a natural trust can be built.

Garnering Audience Trust

Building street cred on social media takes time and effort. The last thing anyone wants is to be considered unreliable. So how can you prevent that while building the trust of your followers? We have found that using a consistent brand voice and tone is crucial. For example, if your brand voice is spunky and fun one day but lackluster the next, you will start to lose your credibility. Next, it’s important to respond to comments and questions in a timely manner. We make it a point to always offer help and support and even take the conversation off of social media if possible.

Another key ingredient for building trust is providing value rather than just trying to sell something to your audience. We are always helping our clients’ show their personality by using positive language and telling stories that people are eager to hear.

Illuminating Greatness

At Olive, we believe public relations and marketing are not about spinning a story to make something great – it’s about illuminating the greatness that already exists. It’s the core of our business and our tagline. “Illuminate Greatness®,” came from us shining the spotlight on the great things our clients are doing, actively. So take a deeper look into your organization, find what makes it great and amplify that online. Avoiding negativity and aiming to inspire others is a great start!

Engaging Wisely

Engagement is one of the most powerful elements of social media and digital marketing. One thing that sets our agency apart is that we focus on authentic engagement for our clients. Authentic engagement means that we are taking the time to talk and engage like real people. It’s commenting on other people’s content, getting involved in social conversations, sharing user-generated content and responding to criticism with empathy. It’s also honing in on EXACTLY the right people we want to be engaging with and developing a genuine fan base.

If you are interested in having us help you become socially conscious or just need some inspiration, contact us at info@olivecreativestrategies.com.