December 16, 2019

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Which Metrics are the Best of All?

By Rachel Marie Helmer

From followers, likes and comments to click through rates and VPM numbers, the world of vanity metrics can seem like an overwhelming swirl of analytic reporting, graphs and growth charts. With so many different ways to digitally track a brand’s “popularity,” it is easy to get lost in focusing on the numbers rather than what is genuinely working.

That is not to say we should chuck all vanity metrics-based reporting out the window, there just needs to be a balance of relying on data-driven reporting. Looking at what constitutes quality engagement with prospective and current clients and leads them further along the customer journey is essential. To help you sort through the thicket of data used to gauge success out there, we have collected our top focus points to hone in on when analyzing a campaign.

Don’t count your followers, seek out followers that count.

In a world of likes, loves and emojis that express every possible sentiment under the sun, it is easy to get wrapped up in the glitzy world of vanity metrics. This is particularly true in the world of social media marketing.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s great to have a robust following.

You just want to ensure that the following has value and helps you reach your end goal. Growing a following is easy to do with social ads and having a larger following can provide brand validation, but if the following is not engaged then your marketing efforts will ultimately fall short. By utilizing strategic ad campaigns on social media, you can target your ideal audience and grow your social followers to contain a curated group of people that will not only engage with your social channels but in time, translate to be customers and brand ambassadors.

Genuine engagement for the win!

One of the best things about growing an authentic social media following of people genuinely interested in your brand is that by default, engagement will start to flow naturally in return. Throw in some expertly targeted ads and watch that engagement  start to fire up. It is easy to pick out brands that are practicing this and brands that are not.

Ever notice a brand on Instagram that has a massive following, yet when you look at their posts the comments are few and far between?

What good is that giant following if it’s not translating to furthering people along the customer journey to your end goal? It is far better to have a smaller, curated following of people truly interested in your brand that are asking questions, commenting, sharing and clicking through on posts to learn more. Genuine engagement trumps winning the followers popularity contest every time.

Focus on PR with visible impact.

Similar to the tactic of growing an authentic social media following to fuel authentic engagement and follower to customer conversion, at Olive when it comes to PR, we always stress the importance of the result of the result.

Not only should you be striving for media hits in your dream list of publications, but once those hits start to roll in, we want to know: did that translate to helping you along in reaching your ultimate goal? Did sales skyrocket? Were inquires coming in? Was your event filled to the brim with your ideal attendee?

The result of the result is where the true measure of success can be found. And, if the result fell short of your goals then this provides the perfect opportunity to determine what can be done differently next time to steer the campaign in a more successful direction.


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