August 22, 2019

National Consumer Brands the Olives Love Right Now

By Kara Schniepp

Working in the national consumer lifestyle realm of media relations, the Olives love to keep up with brands that reflect our values and interests. From success stories to companies that are truly innovating their industries, we’ve gathered a few national brands that we are inspired by and love to use in our daily lives.

Away— Created for the modern traveler, Away thoughtfully creates the “perfect” suitcases—sleek, functionally minimal and with a lifetime warranty. The brand also has a strong belief in leaving the world better than we found it—which is why Away is partnered with Peace Direct, a nonprofit building peace in areas of conflict around the world.

Grown Alchemist— With formulated chemical-free products, Grown Alchemist represents a new evolution in skincare through a deep understanding of nutrient metabolization and cellular renewal, leveraging the body’s natural ability to slow or reverse the aging of our skin. We love a brand that has a holistic scientific approach and intensive research to back the product!

Traveller Collective— Everyone has their own story to share, and we love a brand that helps its consumers do just that. Its purpose is all in the name—travelers can collect tokens from each trip they take in the form of a washer-like ring engraved with the name of that special place and compile those keepsakes on a necklace or keychain. Traveller Collective’s mission is to encourage people to reflect on their adventures, inspire them to keep exploring and give back in a meaningful way—which is why 20 percent of every purchase helps make someone else’s travel dreams come true.

Are you part of a national consumer brand that’s inspiring others or innovating your industry? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a note at