April 18, 2017

What Our New Brand Means to Me

By: Jaclyn Walian

Having been at Olive for almost five years, our recent re-brand meant a lot to me. Over the years I have seen and experienced the ups and downs, from signing some of our dream clients to saying goodbye to valuable employees as they follow their dreams. When it came to our look, we were definitely in need of a re-fresh – something that really told our story (we are story telling experts, after all). I think we nailed it.

Here is what that new brand means to me:

  • It’s the next step we needed to make as a company. As Jenn likes to say, we are “growing with purpose,” and everything from our logo to our brand colors were thoughtfully selected to help express who we are and to elevate us to the next level.
  • We are team of powerful, smart, creative, beautiful, sassy, strong (and the list goes on and on) women. The new brand truly reflects who we are as a company and our culture.
  • We get to tell our story. Every day we are telling the stories of our clients, which has helped us to develop our own. If you haven’t already seen the meaning behind our new logo, I encourage you check it out. Every detail represents something about who we are and the work we do.
  • We are reignited. While the design process was long and a lot of tough decisions were made, when we finally hit the “send” button to share with the rest of the world there was a certain joie de vivre in the air. In fact, the whole team stormed into Jenn’s office with a big round of applause and celebratory cheers!
  • It’s an all around awesome new look that everyone is really excited about! (I mean our new notebooks and coffee mugs are so freaking cute!)

Have you seen the new website/brand/logo yet? If not, I encourage you to do so and if you are inspired to take the next step in your business, give us a call!