July 16, 2019

New York Desksides— From Beginning to End

By: Kara Schniepp

The Olives have recently returned from an exciting trip to New York for deskside meetings with top tier media outlets! From VOGUE to InStyle to ELLE and more, we introduced national consumer lifestyle client, Hugo Volpino’s debut collection of luxury handbags to some of the nation’s top fashion editors.

To maximize this big trip, the team needed to check off a few boxes. Here’s how we made the most of New York desksides, from preparation to mid-meetings to post trip!


Once we secured meetings, booked flights and made accommodations, we packed all products we wanted to showcase and briefed the team on what we wanted the editors to take from our meetings. In addition to this, we sent handwritten notes to those we were meeting with to let them know in advance how much we were looking forward to introducing them to Hugo Volpino!


We chatted with our media contacts and showcased Hugo Volpino’s debut collection by encouraging them to experience the look and feel of each product and ask our client any questions they had about the line.


Once the excitement and whirlwind of the Big Apple was over and the team returned home, we sent thank you notes to our contacts to express our gratitude. In addition to this, we ensured they had everything they need—from additional information to high-resolution images.

New York desksides have several benefits for a company—but the ultimate reward is the established relationship between a brand and the media, resulting in a connection to the public so readers, viewers and consumers everywhere can learn about the wonderful strides the brand is making.

Want to learn more about taking your campaign to the next level with New York desksides? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a note at info@olivecreativestrategies.com.