January 28, 2021

Olive the Things

By Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg

As we turn a critical corner in this pandemic with vaccines being distributed and hope in our hearts, it’s time to think about your pandemic story. How are you going to remember your rise out of this thing?

We believe it’s going to take Olive the things.

Just recently, I finally had the courage to look at our losses. Until now, I was afraid the number would cause emotional paralysis. I was right. I would have been scared. When the first hit came last March, I was full of optimism. Then the calls came in… several clients had to press pause. Suddenly, the phone started ringing and the emails started coming in and people needed help. We began to mend. As we felt closer and closer to recovery, I kept thinking, I’m so lucky. Truth is that I wasn’t lucky, I was resilient.

To get through this crazy pandemic, you need to do Olive the things. It’s similar to the kind of energy it takes to launch a business. You have to check all the boxes. These days you need a strong brand, with a great website, a well-crafted story, strong media relations, polished social media and all of it. If you are going to rise to the top, details matter.

Here are a few things you can get started on immediately:

  1. Is your brand in need of a refresh? If budget is tight and design is out of reach, think about your brand message. Who are you today after all of this has happened? What is your why for going so strong? Why is your company important?
  2. Could your website use some updates? Have you checked in on your SEO? Are you making sure your company listings online reflect who your company is today?
  3. Does your story need an update? Maybe you have had to be nimble during these trying times, do you have a new story to tell?
  4. Does the community and local media know what you are up to? People want to know. Share it.
  5. Is your social media a true reflection of your brand and community? What could be better? Are you engaging with your audience? Are your ads still relevant?
  6. Have you created fresh messaging for your entire staff? Are they informed about how you are moving forward? Do they know the new story?
  7. Is your sales team making traction? Sometimes it’s as simple as checking in with people to make sure they are doing okay – just a gentle reminder you are there.
  8. Can you improve your customer service? The details are the handwritten notes, the sweet sticker you drop in with the delivery, the tiny gestures that make you memorable.

We are all in if you are. Give us a call if you would like to learn more about how we can help you with Olive of the things.