November 22, 2019

Olive’s Culture

By Lynsey Winters

It’s no secret that the life of a PR professional can be somewhat stressful. Here at Olive Creative Strategies, we believe that we should enjoy our work and put forth our best efforts for each of our clients. The Olive culture is extremely important to our team and we each play an important role in maintaining a collaborative, celebratory and creative work environment.

Each day, we collaborate across each of our teams from social media to PR to graphic design. We work together to create content, grow social followings and create lasting relationships with the media. Thanks to our beautifully designed open-concept office, we can communicate with any Olive at any time without having to set up a meeting!

Our team structure allows for open communication between everyone from account coordinators to our directors—allowing employees of all levels the opportunity to offer ideas and collaborate across different levels of our team.

At Olive, we believe in celebrating our clients’ greatness and our own greatness. Sometimes that means it’s time to pop the champagne (or sparkling water). We believe in a positive environment that encourages one another to get excited about the everyday wins we have, like securing a national television segment, celebrating a birthday or securing a new client. If one team member is excited about their accomplishment, we all are!

In order to grow social followings and continue to engage the media, we have to be creative.

We are constantly brainstorming and bouncing new ideas around for social posts, pitches, website designs and more. We believe it’s important to get our creative juices flowing and we’re always on the lookout for fresh ideas in our daily lives that might spark our imagination.


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