February 20, 2018

Our People

By Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg

Olive Creative Strategies is inspired to amplify the stories of the most positively powerful brands and individuals.

When we align with clients, we are aligning with people who are kind, inspiring and live a life of gratitude. We work with the leaders in their industry, the gold medalists if you will. These are innovators who are on the cutting edge, committed to creating a better world. These are people who care about community and their community cares about them.

These are the types of individuals who understand that every action has an impact. They want that impact to be good. Their projects create a buzz simply because they are excellent. Their excellence turns heads and our work illuminates that excellence. They are the winning team.

They choose us for our excellence and trust us to work our brilliance. Because of this, we become an extension of their team. We get to enjoy seeing the impact of our work and engaging with their community to see that difference. We get to learn the stories of many different businesses, artists and victors in many walks of life. Because of this, we get to share powerful stories with the world that matter – that make a difference and inspire others.

Because of us, people thrive – they get to see their vision come to life, even bigger and brighter than they imagined. We get to validate them, inspiring them to go even bigger.

Because of them, we learn and grow daily becoming enlightened in new areas, becoming experts on topics we never dreamed of knowing. We believe in them and they believe in us.

We become more than their marketing team and develop into partners, supporting them to grow their business. They trust us and we trust them.

For all of us, this is really about changing lives. We love the opportunity to work with brand new companies, but we are equally as inspired to work with established brands that have experienced tremendous success by virtue of their greatness. Our reward is that we get to illuminate their greatness.