November 27, 2017

PR is a Marathon Not a Sprint

By Jaclyn Walian

When we kick off campaigns almost everyone is eager to get going right away – as they should be. PR and marketing can be an exciting and crucial new addition to your business. While it would be great if you could start seeing results the day after the kick-off, it’s our job to manage your expectations and educate you on the process, which is vital to the success of any campaign.

Allow time for proper planning and message generation

After you kick-off your campaign you should allow at least two weeks to work on planning and creating the right messaging. Without planning and a cohesive message that is approved prior to beginning it could hurt your campaign in the long run. You should prepare as much as you can on the front end to hit the ground running.

Media hits take time

Once your campaign is off and running it’s still not realistic to expect everything to hit the next day. Yes, there are some exceptions when an editor can post online the same day or the next but most media hits take time to coordinate. If they want photos, we have to make sure they get the right ones. If they want to set up an interview, we have to pick a day to do it and then give them time to write their piece. Plus, if you secure interest from a monthly publication, they are already working on their issue that will come out in three to six months.

The more time you invest, the more momentum you will get

Our rule of thumb is to invest at least three to four months for a regional campaign and at least six to nine months for a national campaign to begin seeing the return on your investment. In our many years of experience, we can say that is what it truly takes to start seeing momentum. If you continue even longer than that, the more momentum and traction you will see. Most of our clients have been with us for multiple years and see the difference.

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